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Hello friendly friends,

This is a helpful reminder about our show tomorrow evening in lovely, downtown Seattle, Washington. The show will be presented for FREE as long as you can prove in any way humanly possible that you are at least 21 years of age. We do apologize for the age setback for those of you under 21, we really, really, really, really do.


The details:

Saturday, October 6th (TOMORROW!)

Jaime Forero's Art Opening with:

The Love Lights
Ghosts & Liars (click it, click it)

@ Skylark Cafe
[3803 Delridge Way SW | Seattle, WA] [Google Map!]

8:00 PM | FREE!!! | 21+ (Sorry!)

Ghosts & Liars.

ATTN: Bremerton & Seattle! Shows!

Hello there friends,

We've got two great shows coming up in two different cities. We hope that those of you in each city will crawl, scream or kick your way into one or both of these fine shows:

Saturday, September 29th

Celebrity Judges
Ruxton Towers
Ghosts & Liars (WE GO ON THIRD!!)
Sought After
Mayor of the World

@ Jackson Hall
[9161 Washington Avenue | Silverdale, WA]

7pm | $7.00 | ALL-AGES!!!


Sunday, September 30

The Can't See (ex-764-HERO!)
The Moools (from Japan!)
Ghosts & Liars

@ Chop Suey
[1325 East Madison | Seattle, WA]

8pm | $10.00 | 21+ (Sorry!)

- - - - - - - - - -
Well, there you have it...

We haven't been to the Bremerton area to play since the days of Some By Sea, so we are really looking forward to seeing a lot of the old, familiar face and hopefully a whole mess of new ones.

See you soon,
Ghosts & Liars.
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Ghosts & Liars Show This Saturday!!!

Hello friends,

As we mentioned yesterday, we will be doing a show this Saturday evening at Club Impact in beautiful downtown Tacoma. While we are all excited for the show, we are also very saddened as it will be the last show ever for our good friends in Cadaver Graye.

A small note about G&L: We will be playing FIRST, so try and make it out early!!!

We hope that all of you will come out and see the great show that has been put together and pay your last respects to a brilliant group of musicians as they take the stage for the final time together. Thanks for reading through this. All of the details are below:

- - - - - - - - - -

Saturday, September 15th

Cadaver Graye
Deas Vail
The New Frontiers
Don't Tell Sophie
Ghosts & Liars

@ Club Impact
[754 Pacific Avenue | Tacoma, WA]

6:30pm | $8.00 | ALWAYS ALL-AGES!!!

- - - - - - - - - -

Ok, ok. Thanks again. We hope you are all having a superb day. Take care of yourselves.

Ghosts & Liars.
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NEW SONG & Tomorrow Night's Show in Seattle with Anathallo!

Hello my dears,

It's been far too long in between these bulletins and I apologize. Lately, there has been so much in the lives of the Ghosts & Liars that has been shaken up, moved around and eventually thrown out that our collective heads have been a terrible mess. I'm hoping that our brief absence from the digital landscape has only made your affections for us grow just a little bit stronger. But let's move on...

So, there's a new song up on the MySpace page as of today. It's short. It's acoustic. It's live and unrehearsed. It's called Drawing Lines in Strange Places. We hope that you all enjoy it and it makes your desire for a real, finished version burn, burn, burn deep inside your hearts.

Also, we have our first show in a while tomorrow evening and it promises to be an event. The always brilliant Anathallo will be gracing Seattle with their presence and we are delighted to share the stage with them. The show is in Seattle and it's all-ages so everyone is encouraged and very much welcome to come. Here are the details and a beautiful poster:

- - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, May 8th

Ghosts & Liars
Jordaan Mason

@ Atlas Clothing
[1515 Broadway | Seattle, WA] [MAP!]

8pm | $9 | ALL-AGES!
- - - - - - - - - -

See you all at the show! Miss you all!

Chris/Ghosts & Liars
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A BIG Reminder: Thursday, March 29th!

Hello, hello, hello...

We are playing a killer all-ages show early this Thursday night at our beloved home away from home, Hell's Kitchen. Since the show is all-ages, it's starting early. So all of you that have school the next day can tell mom and dad that they don't need to worry as the show won't go that late. Also, for those of us that enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, the bar will be wide open provided you are carrying an awkward photo of yourself proving that you are above or at the age of twenty-one.

This show is a big deal for us because two of our dear, dear label buddies on SideCho Records will be playing as part of the tour they've been on for the past few weeks. These guys and gals will destroy you with their music and charm, so please come out and support us and our fellow SideCho artists and touring bands in general. Come out and show them why everyone should tour through Tacoma.

Here are the details:

Thursday, March 29th

Ghosts & Liars
1090 Club
Great Glass Elevator

@ Hell's Kitchen
[3829 6th Avenue | Tacoma, WA] [MAP!]

5:30pm (doors)/6:00pm (start) | $7.00 | ALL-AGES!

We all can't wait to see you there! Have a great, sunny day.

Chris/Ghosts & Liars.
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Tonight's Seattle Show in Approx. 4 Hours!


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Thank you to those of you that had the chance to make it to last night's show with Mr. David Bazan. It was a real treat.

I just wanted to remind you about tonight's show at the brand new Vera Project space in Seattle. You should for sure come celebrate the holiday tonight with us. We're opening the show, so please get there early! Here are the details:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kay kay And His Weathered Underground
Portugal. The Man
Ghosts & Liars

@ The Vera Project
[Warren Avenue North & Republican (Seattle Center) | Seattle, WA] [MAP!]

7:00 | $7.00 | ALLLLL-AGES!!!

Chris/Ghosts & Liars.
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Weekly Volcano & David Bazan!

Hello darlings,

It's dreary here in Tacoma today and for some unknown reason, my house is filled with a rather unpleasant odor that we have not uncovered the source of yet. I apologize if that was too much information, but it's been affecting how I look at everything all day.

In other (less alarming) news, Tacoma's own Weekly Volcano was kind enough to send out our new friend, Michael Stasiek, last week to interview myself and Rachel. Michael's sweet words about your friends here in the Ghosts & Liars Family can be found in this week's edition of the Volcano which was released today.

Just to clarify one thing mentioned in the article: Rachel does not actually believe that Molly Shannon is or ever was a member of Bright Eyes. Molly Shannon is a former cast member of NBC's late night sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live, who became popular for smelling her own armpit funk and dreaming of becoming a Superstar. Bright Eyes is the moniker of Omaha, Nebraska based singer/songwriter Conor Oberst who has risen to the forefront of the recent surge of indie/folk music with a constant stream of comparisons to artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. As far as we know, they have no relation to one another in any way beyond happening to inhabit the city of New York on the exact same day, time and subway car. We apologize for any confusion...

This was all a long-winded attempt to make sure that you remember tomorrow's Ghosts & Liars show with David Bazan at Club SOTA in Tacoma. We hope to see a lot of you there. Please come say hello!

Here is a flyer with all the details and a link to a map:


Chris/Ghosts & Liars
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A Very Important Benefit Show (PLEASE READ!)

Hello dear friends of Ghosts & Liars,

As promised, I am back to remind you about the benefit show we are a part of this Saturday evening. We would love it if all of you could come out and show your support. Please keep read below to find out more about the benefit and for details on the show.

As many of you that live in the Tacoma area know, the Tacoma Actor's Guild (TAG), has played a vital role in establishing theatre arts in Washington for close to 30 years now. Unfortunately, as it seems to happen with most programs of an artistic nature, TAG is in danger of running out of the necessary money to keep functioning.

To help raise money, we will be taking part in a benefit show this Saturday evening that will feature local music and local improv comedy. We all realize that one benefit show is not going to save TAG in itself, but hopefully, with your help (along with the help of all of your friends that you tell to come, right?), we can put a sizable dent in their financial woes and in the process get more people interested in what TAG has to offer the community.

As an added bonus (hopefully), Ghosts & Liars will be performing this show acoustically. This is the first time we've done this, but we've been having fun working it out. We will also be the first group to perform, so please come early and stay late for all of the fun.

It would be a huge help to us and to TAG if any of you that are reading this will let as many people know about this benefit as possible. Please feel free to forward this bulletin to all of your friends on MySpace or post it in your blog or LiveJournal. Also, the flyer for the show will be included below, so feel free to post that wherever you can. Thank you!

And now, the technical details:

- - - - - - - - - -
Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Handshakes
Campfire Folklore Restoration Society
Ghosts & Liars
with performances by Ubiquitous They Comedy Troupe

@ Tacoma Actor's Guild Rehearsal Studio
[915 Broadway | Tacoma, WA] [Map!]

8:30pm$5.00 Donation</b> | ALL-AGES!

- - - - - - - - - -

To those of you that made it this far, thank you and we all hope to see you at this very important show. Have a great upcoming weekend.

Chris/Ghosts & Liars.
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My friends,

Regardless of the fact that Ghosts & Liars just performed last weekend at Hell's Kitchen to a mad scattering of beautiful people like all of you, we were asked that very same evening to take part in a landmark event for our hometown of Tacoma, WA that will take place tomorrow night.

The Junkyard is Tacoma's newest all-ages venue brought to you by the same fine and dandy folks from The Hall in University Place. On Thursday, January 4th, they will present the first of many wonderful shows to come. There is nothing more emotionally satisfying than supporting local artists and local venues, especially that of the all-ages persuasion, so I urge you to come show your support, even if it means you have to break some sort of ridiculous curfew.

I now present you with all of the details. Please use them wisely and effectively.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Don't Tell Sophie
Ghosts & Liars
Tex. (David Nichols Solo)
Cadaver Graye

@ The Junkyard
[6402 South Tacoma Way | Tacoma, WA] [Google Map!]

6:00 PM | $5.00 | ALL-AGES!

Thank you so much.

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